Written / Directed & Edited by JB Ghuman, Jr. SPORK is a film about an adolescent "inter-sexed" kid who identifies as a female. Yet is still a male. Not a spoon. Not a fork. Spork! Filled with Miami Bass & Pop Art, the film won countless awards from Tribeca to Miami to Germany and more on top of garnishing a #1 spot in its category via Netflix. SPORK was released via Wreckin Hill in Theaters as well as WarnerBros. online. TLA released SPORK internationaly.

The (ART) oF BE(i)NG

Over five years in the making, THE ART oF BE(i)NG is a visual-sonic journey meant to expand one's consciousness & emotional capacity via a story filled with hand crafted art. Ranging from stop motion to animation to graphic manipulation to cinematics, the film aims to engage the more "subtle" functions of the mind. Thus curating a growth in perception once said story is given enough pondering. And speculation. Loosely following the story of The Little Mermaid's journey "upwards" in exchange for the loss of her voice, only instead od rising out of the sea she is rising into a higher dimension while maintaing her lower-dimensional self. The film features Walt Disney's original animator from the actual film Dave Woodman as well as Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) Mariqueen Reznor (NIN) The Lady Tigra (of 'the cars that go boom' fame) Mayhem Miller (RuPaul's Drag Race) iRAWniQ (non-binary rapper) and others. Where words fail to describe, the 'feelings' and 'sensations' of the film slowly sink into it's viewer in the hopes as the experience flows in front of them, a sort of activation can materialize within. And possibly enable multiple humans to grow upwards in a way that can better the zeitgeist as a whole. At least that is the aspirations of writer/director/editor/performer/artist, JB Ghuman Jr who curated the project. The film had its world premier in the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2019. It most recently screened in the MOCA via OUTFEST FILM FESTIVAL 2019.



Ghuman's 1st ever Live Installation-Art Performance: "paSSive poWer" expresses the gentle yet pervasive force of the more (subtle) forces of ones self. Otherwise dubbed by Ghuman as the "paSSive poWer."

Performed in front of a live audience where all were asked to engage in moments that exhilarate & attempt to activate the viewers. Filmed in 8k 3D 360 VR. Though the objective is to have "paSSive poWer" performed live in as many venues as possible.


3D 360 VR


As a Live-Action Pitch to HASBRO Studios, JB Ghuman Jr. went in with a lavish yet concise vision on how he would create a fantastic next level world for the beloved 80's cartoon. From 3-D Story Boards to a feature film outline to CGI Renders of a full star studded cast pre-imagained on their faces to a photo shoot where Ghuman pulled in Delta Goodrem (Australian Actress / Singer) to bring to life the actual Jerrica/JEM transitions curated directly from the animated series and even produced a remake of the original theme song to an updated version. Using his award money via SPORK's Tribeca audience award, Ghuman set out on a mission to convince the studio he was the one to make this day dream into a reality for all. The day could still come as a large-format JEM AND THE HOLGRAMS has yet to be seen and thus... hope will always remain. After a couple of hours, the response was magical yet the idea of a live aciton female herion had yet to be proftiable. After WONDER WOMAN's massive box office, it's Ghuman's hope that the day for his studio-sized vision of JEM will one day be realized via his cinematic take. Most recently, Ghuman went in yet again to pitch to HASBRO & PARAMOUNT STUDIOS where he shared a new / re-vamped vision for his take on a live action JEM. Life is strange & wonderful. You never know what is to come but one thing is for certian... follow your heart.






An unreleased film as of yet, RHINO! is Ghuman's next feature film dream. Over 7 years in the writing, the film will be something that Ghuman feels confidant can curate a vibration throughout the zeitgeist. In the hopes it will uplift, inspire and above all, push said zeitgeist upwards. With over 5 incredible yet eclectic stars/names already attached, the script is available upon request via the bio/contact page.